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Warlocks do it thru their Succubus’ Seduce spell.  Sure there are macros out there like this one from  Only switch I did was removed the /stopcasting line, like this: #show Seduction /clearfocus [modifier:alt] /focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead] /clearfocus [target=focus,help] /petstay /petfollow /cast [pet:succubus,target=focus,exists,harm] Seduction; Seduction Seduction only lasts for up to 15 seconds, it’s not […]

Hello my name is Bee and I play a Tankadin, Thojhkaias of Thor’s Right Hand on Bloodscalp-US.  In my blog I’ll be talking about life and wow.  On the WOW side of things I’ll be concentrating on helping aspiring tanks become successful at tanking.   I’ll also give insights and tips in not only tanking […]

I’m serious…Really…