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I just recently noticed that I didn’t have the crucial key words that every tank knows and every up and coming tank needs to know:  Aggro and Threat. The diagram below shows what I believe how a new tank or anyone who isn’t too familiar with tanking might view it, more or less.  Lets all […]

Tanking for a while.  Actually a good number of days of thinking and coming up with how to show potential or a work in progress tank a general and good, solid tanking foundation.  Then it took a good number of days to fight procrastination to put that info into this post today.  I had to […]

So you decided to take up tanking?  That’s great, welcome aboard.  So you might be asking yourself “Where do I begin?”  Ah good question.  That’s what my post is all about.  Knowledge is Awareness.  Awareness is knowledge.  The more of it you have the better off you’ll be tanking.  Gearing is the first thing you […]