Tanking Diagram Ver 2


I just recently noticed that I didn’t have the crucial key words that every tank knows and every up and coming tank needs to know:  Aggro and Threat.

The diagram below shows what I believe how a new tank or anyone who isn’t too familiar with tanking might view it, more or less.  Lets all focus on just the word Tanking.  Everyone including newbies have an idea of what Tanking is.  I’m sure they are aware of the other topics surrounding Tanking as well.  But the key thing, is that they don’t know how to piece it all together to get a clear picture.

This diagram below is a view that veterans like myself and many other tanks have developed over the course of their tanking tenure, more or less.  What was a mess in the image above is now neatly organized.

Do note these tanking diagrams will be a work in progress.  Yes the topics in the Tanking Diagram is short and brief and that is how I intended it to be.  My rule on the diagram was to find topics that were fundamental to all tanking classes.


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