I had to think about….


Tanking for a while.  Actually a good number of days of thinking and coming up with how to show potential or a work in progress tank a general and good, solid tanking foundation.  Then it took a good number of days to fight procrastination to put that info into this post today.  I had to come up with a way to cram all the stuff I’ve been writing and thinking about into a friendly format.  And I have in the form of a diagram or like one of those brain storming diagrams whatever those are called.  Enjoy the diagram and more info soon to come.

Bee's Simple Tanking Diagram


2 Responses to “I had to think about….”

  1. Interesting diagram. Perhaps add specific stats needed to the “stats” stick?
    Looks like you are quite new to wow blogging! First of all welcome! Second maybe you would like to check out my wow blog and maybe even include it in your blogroll if you like it 🙂 Good luck and have fun!

    World of Warcraft Blogger

  2. Sweet Diagram, I like it!

    I think you could expand it a lot more and it’d have an even more powerful visual effect.

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